Empowerment Coaching for Women who are ready for more.

Release. Redefine. Renew.

Empowerment Coaching for Women who are ready for more.

It's Time for You!

Emerging from challenging situations can leave you feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed.  We will work together to acknowledge those feelings and move you forward to a positive mindset, a healthier perspective  and a happier you! Through grounding, journaling and guided meditation you will find clarity, become more self-aware and re-connect with your own intuition.

This transition in life can often be a time of rediscovering who you truly are

During life's challenges we can develop unhealthy patterns of thinking that become a part of our everyday mindset and over time can take a toll on how we feel about ourselves. After many years of putting others' needs ahead of our own it can be hard to define who we are now. Whether it's finding a new hobby, following a life long passion or changing your career path, let's find  what brings you joy!

Janine Stailey Coach

Hello! I’m Janine Stailey

Certified Mindfulness and Empowerment Coach

I have been where you are. When I emerged from my longterm marriage, I realized how I had put others' needs before my own. I was lost.

My path to healing has required profound reflection & a complete reset of how I live my life each day.

I started my coaching business to help women who are looking to rediscover themselves and redefine who they are now. raised my 3 amazing kids and have experienced the uncomfortable feelings of going through one of life's most difficult transitions, a failed marriage. After 30 years and 3 wonderful children, I found myself struggling with who I was and wondering what comes next.

I am here to help you process those emotions and find the path towards a happier, more joyful you! I will walk beside you on your  path to joy!

- Janine

How can I help you?

I provide non-judgmental, compassionate, one on one  support as we navigate redefining you. Together, with my guidance, I will help you  connect with your true self and release the internal messages that no longer serve you.
Whether you are entering college, are a new mom, changing careers, a recent empty nester, in an unfulfilled marriage, coping from the loss of a loved one or just  experiencing a challenging transition, we will work together to discover what is your next step on your Journey to Joy.

Find Your Joy!

Come join our intimate group of women who are willing to start their journey to find inner joy and peace. I provide a safe space for sharing and healing. We meet for a 3 hour session in person once a  month.

Letting go!

My goal is to help you free yourself of those old ways of thinking, rediscover you and help you feel confident about who you truly are now and who you want to be.

Custom Program!

I offer one on one counseling, if you are more comfortable in a private setting. I am here to meet your individual needs. One size does not fit all!

Reach out to me today and begin your journey towards a life that has more purpose for who you are now.

Frequently Asked Questions

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"I learned the frame of mind and practices that I need to address my stresses in a more productive way. I now don't just see my problems or negative feelings. I pick apart the root and think about what would make them have less negative impact on my life. I have learned to control my future more."


"I was struggling with getting starting journaling; had zero idea on how to begin. Through Janine’s Coaching I was able to begin and establish a regular routine resulting in my own self-discovery journey."


"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

- Lao Tzu

Are you ready to take the next step?

Get the conversation started with a free 15 min discovery call.

Let's work together on your Journey to Joy!!

Enjoy all the support and resources I offer and experience transformational change.

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